Born in Paris in 2013, Sweety Jane is a new brand of jewelry inspired by travel and mysticism offering offers feminine and assertive lines.

Its creations are designed as contemporary talismans to wear for any occasion . They accompany the urban and dynamic woman throughout the day; as an intimate lucky charm under a blouse or a powerful totem sublimating an evening dress.

Its collections, of precious materials, almost alchemical, are exclusively made in vermeil. All jewelry comes from the French know-how and are stamped with the “V” that authenticates their origin and quality craftsmanship.


Sweety Jane, it’s primarily Charlotte Ach, a young and creative globetrotter whom, from Paris to the U.S. via the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, has been designing for 15 years now clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Sweety Jane, it’s also a family affair. From an early age, Charlotte Ach gets acquainted with her parents and relatives to textils, interior design, styling and jewelery, which instantly captivates her.

In 2008, Fashion diploma in hand, she left Paris for Miami and New York where she continued her training, multiplying her professional experiences.

In 2012, she drops once more her suitcases in Paris, decided to dedicate herself to a passion that kept on growing years after years: the creation of jewelry, and throws on her sketchbooks some drawings that soon constitute the first collection of Sweety Jane.


Sweety Jane is an invitation to travel, discover and to sensuality.

Made of Vermeil, with a gold thickness of 5 microns (18K or 750‰) plated on a sterling silver base. Made in France by craftsmen with reputation of excellence, Sweety Jane jewelry offers high quality finishes.

Contemporary but timeless, Parisian but universal, with asperities and hammerings designed to the last detail, the creations of Sweety Jane offer a duality and a strength that make them unique.